Clinical Solutions 3

Clinical Solutions

Creating efficient and effective Trusts and hospitals

Effective and efficient

Bluespier software

Bluespier solutions allow fast-paced hospital departments to continue providing excellent patient care whilst enhancing processes, improving efficiencies and reducing duplication.
Theatre Management

Theatre Management

Delivering agile theatre management, allowing theatre teams to perform at peak efficiency by entering and accessing key data on the go.

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Pre Op


Enhancing and integrating the pre-op process through electronic assessments and visibility of the patients theatre journey.

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Emergency and Trauma

Emergency and Trauma

Manage emergency patients virtually throughout their journey and ensure clinical teams have access to real-time data.

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Stock Management

Gain insight into live operating theatre stock data.


Receive experienced, proven guidance to enhance operational productivity.

Virtual Clinic

Reduce outpatient clinic traffic and waiting times through effective virtual appointments.

Private Practice

Simplify your daily tasks so you can focus on your patients, through Bluespier's partner iMedDoc.

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