Virtual Clinic


Virtual Clinic

Transform outpatient processes

Bluespier Virtual Clinic

Assess patients virtually and reduce outpatient clinic traffic, DNAs and cancellations.

Streamlined clinic management

In addition to reducing patient hospital visits by up to 75%, patients can be seen more effectively and waiting lists reduced.

Improved communication

Follow-up information, such as patient care details and GP letters, are all managed within Bluespier Virtual Clinic, reducing the administrative burden.

Virtual Clinic

Transforming capabilites


Patients can attend appointments from the comfort of their home
Streamlined clinic management
Improved patient experience of up to 90% through reduced waiting periods
All patients reviewed by a consultant, providing a safer clinical process
Hospitals are more productive, with the right patients being seen by the right staff at the right time
Clinics are no longer oversubscribed, giving clinicians more time with each attending patient

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